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  • T-1114 Torch Holder

    T-1114 Torch Holder From EURO TOOL a torch holder at a very affordable price. Holds your torch at the perfect angle making it handy and safe to use. Also keeps tips conveniently organized. Made with a sturdy cast base and heavy duty -4mm- rod this...

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  • T-995 Small Propane Kit

    T-995 Small Propane Kit Each basic kit contains The Small Torch handle, five tips and 12' oxygen and fuel hoses with "B" fittings -9/16- and "A" fittings -3/8- adapter.

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  • T-996 Small Propane Kit With Caddy

    T-996 Small Propane Kit With Caddy Deluxe set includes torch handle hoses five tips regulators and tanks all with a handy plastic carrying caddy. Oxy/Acetylene Kit comes with oxygen and acetylene tanks. Oxy/Propane Kit for use with disposable tanks;...

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