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  • T-580 Epoxy 330 - 2 Part

    T-580 Epoxy 330 - 2 Part Epoxy 330, water-clear glue, line bonds with fast setting time. Used to bond gem materials to metal findings and takes a high polish for inlay. It can also be used for invisible bonding of glass, china, ceramics, stone,...

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  • T-591 Suc Rocket Cement

    T-591 Suc Rocket Cement Specialty Adhesives Quality adhesive cement can be used on unbreakable crystal or foil back jobs. Pressure-sensitive adhesive holds firmly and peels away easily for quick application. Pin point applicator ensures accurate...

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  • T-606 New Glue 3G

    T-606 New Glue 3G Super New Glue has a different formula than other super glues giving it superior holding quality even under the toughest conditions. New Glue is made in the USA. Each bottle holds 3 grams.

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  • T-638 Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy

    T-638 Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Devcon epoxy adhesive cures and joins materials together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. This reaction results in a high strength bond that is resistant to most chemicals. Use Devcon Epoxy adhesive...

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  • T-777 G-S Hypo Tube Cement

    T-777 G-S Hypo Tube Cement Precision applicator allows maximum control with this jeweler's cement. Traditionally used for plastic or glass watch crystals but also excellent for bead stringing. Just a small amount on knots will ensure they never come...

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  • T-895 Elfy Super Glue

    T-895 Elfy Super Glue A super glue for today! This imported glue has phenomenal bonding power and comes in a handy display package. A high quality cyanoacrylate, Elfy is priced very competitively and features a non-drip spout and cap which keeps the...

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  • T-EUGLU60000 E- 6000 Glue - 3.7 OZ

    T-EUGLU60000 E- 6000 Glue - 3.7 OZ E6000 is an industrial, high performance adhesive that is ideal for jewelry and beading applications. It provides a superior bond on porous and non-porous materials such as metal, plastic, glass, rubber, tile,...

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  • T-GR120451 Vigor® Jeweler's Epoxy

    T-GR120451 Vigor® Jeweler's Epoxy For making and repairing jewelry. Will not shrink and is unaffected by water, oil or gasoline. Clear, permanent bond sets in 5 minutes. Withstands temperatures up to 175° F.

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  • T-GR12185 ZAP IT® Glue

    T-GR12185 ZAP IT® Glue Glue that bonds at the Speed of Light! Simple to use: Apply, cure with the LED Light, and you have an instant bond! ZAP IT® will bond virtually everything Bonds any combination of metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic,...

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  • T-GR12227 Orange Flake Shellac - 6 oz.

    T-GR12227 Orange Flake Shellac - 6 oz. Orange flake shellac holds objects for chasing, engraving, or setting. Becomes sticky when heated, solidifies to a hard surface, then dissolves readily in denatured alcohol. 6 Ounce Container.

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